Photo by:  Matthew Pastula

Photo by: Matthew Pastula



Brendan Bannister is a travel, adventure, and commercial photographer from in Santa Barbara, California but is currently traveling around South East Asia and Bali, Indonesia. His love for nature and the outdoors has taken him to remote locations to capture stunning imagery around the world. Brendan is an internationally published photographer with work featured in magazines, galleries, and commercial publications. He has built a following of over 40,000 on Instagram and has more than 8 million hits on Flickr. His charismatic personality and flexible schedule makes him a pleasure to work with.. 

In 2016 Brendan graduated from UC Santa Barbara with bachelor degrees in Economics and Psychology, but after falling more in love with traveling and photography he decided to make it his full time career. After traveling the world and working with various companies Brendan co-founded Almost 86, a media agency designed to build the bridge between brands and their lack of result driven digital marketing production videos and photography. 

To stay up to date with his work follow him on Instagram @brendanbannister.